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7 tips on how to get your home ready to sell

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

So you've decided to sell you home. Now what?! Getting your home ready to go on the market can seem like a daunting task. Breaking it down into these bite-sized chunks will help you feel less overwhelmed, and help you set your timeline.

1. Declutter. You want your home to shine through, and buyer might have trouble seeing past your knick-knacks to see the features that they will love about your home. Pack away most of the items on your shelves, leaving a few pieces of decor to keep it warm. It's ok to have a few pictures of your family - it makes the house feel homey.

2. Fix it up. That broken light switch you've been meaning to fix...the dripping faucet...the squeaky hinge. The devil is in the details. Buyers will notice the little things, so it's best to take care of them now and have your home ready to make a great first impression.

3. Stage your rooms. Have you been using your living room as a play room? When you're selling your house, you want to make sure that the buyers can visualize the spaces in a way that they will use them. It's important to stage rooms as they were intended to be used. Furniture placement is important, too! Never block features like fireplaces or windows with furniture. Try moving lamps or side tables to create a fresh feel - you'll love the way it looks, and so will buyers.

4. Deep Clean. A good deep cleaning can make your home sparkle and let potential buyers know that you have meticulously cared for your house. Clean grout, baseboards and window tracks will leave a lasting impression.

5. Curb Appeal. Make sure your yard is in tip top shape before you go on the market. This is a great time to plant seasonal flowers, put flower pots on your front porch and put down new mulch. Hardy herbs like rosemary and lavender are easy to grow, and are welcoming.

6. Final Walk Through. After you've decluttered, fixed up, cleaned and staged your home, go to each room and look at it as if you were a potential buyer. It helps to have a friend do the same - they might have new ideas to make your home look it's best.

7. Consult with a Realtor®. Now that you're ready to go on the market, it's time to find a Realtor®. Interview several Realtors® to see who is a good match for you. Communication and promptness are a good indicator of how an agent will work for you. It's all about relationships, so make sure it feels right. This is a good time to ask what improvements can increase the value of your home. Sometimes a small facelift can have a big impact. Make sure your Realtor® has a solid marketing plan that includes professional photography and open houses.

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